Great option
to stand out from the competitors

The FLOSS CAP is a tube cap equipped with a spool of dental floss (from 5 to 10 m at the customer's request), located inside the cap and secured with a special retainer - a partition. For the convenience of using dental floss, a cutting knife, a through hole and a sliding cover are built into the cap from the end. The dental floss used is tear-resistant, non-fibrous, impregnated with natural refined beeswax and coated with xylitol.

The variety of toothpastes brands on store shelves creates an unprecedentedly difficult task of winning the consumer's attention to your products.

By completing the tubes for pastes with the FLOOS CAP, you will receive a significant advantage over the competitors.

Benefits for the manufacturer:

  1. The ability to reasonably raise the price;
  2. The ability to conduct a vibrant advertising campaign;
  3. Stand out on the online storefront and store shelf;
  4. Increase and consolidate customer loyalty;
  5. Focus on the brand.

Consumer benefits:

  1. The ability to achieve a maximum cleansing effect close to 100%;
  2. Convenience and comfort;
  3. Saving money.
Great option
to leave competitors behind

The combination of two basic means for daily oral care, toothpaste and floss in one product makes it the most effective for the prevention of oral diseases, at the same time convenient and comfortable for the consumer. The dynamics of growth in the level of consumption of floss is 12-14% per year, which confirms the timeliness and relevance of "Floss Cap".

Equipping a toothpaste tube with Floss Cap allows you to achieve the maximum cleaning ability of the product close to 100% and significantly increases consumer loyalty to your particular product, greatly increasing the likelihood of a user being attached to a particular brand.

Great addition
to toothpaste

The FLOSS CAP can be easily integrated into screwing and tube filling machines.

The entire thread in the FLOSS CAP system is coated with natural xylitol, which provides high protection against caries and an excellent sweet taste. Before applying xylitol, the thread is impregnated with natural refined beeswax, which also possesses antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

We can supply you with our FLOSS CAPs or retrofit yours with the FLOSS CAP. You can also contact our partners who will make for you the necessary tubes with the highest quality FLOSS CAPs.

Our company Fresh Mint Technology is a manufacturer of floss products with a history spanning over a quarter of a century. During this time, we have mastered the production of various dental floss (more than 30 types). We are the world's only producer of children's dental floss. We carry out contract deliveries for more than 20 oral care products manufacturers and retail chains.


It is easy and profitable to cooperate with us:

  • - Trial minimum order is possible;
  • - Individual pricing approach;
  • - We work both with our own and with customer's raw materials;
  • - The shortest possible production time.


We will be glad to consider your application and immediately inform you about our prices, delivery conditions and terms of batch production.

We are looking forward to our fruitful cooperation with you!